Know your enemy and Protect your business

What should your organisation be doing to demonstrate an aggressive approach to manage cyber-risk?

IT Managers: Set your Network Defences to Stunning
In this extensive, 24 page eBook we'll take a look at the four critical areas of risk that are evident in all Australian corporate networks in 2018. More importantly, we'll provide strategies your business can employ to identify, contain and prevent cybersecurity threats.
  • Corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) frailties

    Where are the weak points in your WAN security, and how can they be overcome?

  • Cloud platform migration

    What can you do to ensure a safe and smooth transition?

  • Processes and Compliance

    What standards do you need to comply with to help to stay ahead of the hackers?

  • Malicious cyber attacks

    Do you know what to look out for and how to be prepared?

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Section 2: Spin Straw into Gold

I thoroughly recommend Over the Wire if you need a solutions provider that delivers on time with exceptional service.
Liz Diles, CEO at Danoz Direct

We had been a customer of both Big Brand Telco’s in the past for at least 10 years. Changing for us was always a perceived risk, not a real one. Over the Wire are an excellent company giving tremendous value in service and offerings. As a business today we are not regretting the change.
Peter Hall, CTO at Chrisco Group