6 Major Advantages IP Voice has over ISDN

Read about the benefits Voice over IP can offer your business

Here's a preview of what is in the report:

  • How does each connect?

    Understanding how both SIP and ISDN technologies work.

  • Is the Quality Impacted?

    Addressing some of the myths and misunderstandings around VoIP.

  • What are the benefits for my business?

    Looking at what each has to offer your business and what you can expect when changing.

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Companies who have already made the switch

I thoroughly recommend Over the Wire if you need a solutions provider that delivers on time with exceptional service.
Liz Diles, CEO at Danoz Direct

We had been a customer of both Big Brand Telco’s in the past for at least 10 years. Changing for us was always a perceived risk, not a real one. Over the Wire are an excellent company giving tremendous value in service and offerings. As a business today we are not regretting the change.
Peter Hall, CTO at Chrisco Group